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I was thinking a lot about opening the CDP because of the fee. I read that it was raised from 0.5% and the only explanation I could give myself was greed. I see no logical reason for the fee being 5 times higher than it started with.

CDP interest is floating thus do you pay interest only according to the rate at close and duration of CDP or are prior rates calculated under some sort of weighted average?

I find It awkward to get the USD value of my cdp debt easily.

Constant raising of the stability fee is going to kill the first users of the Maker. This practice make them hate this system because they can't plan their financial future with infinite fees. Maker no longer a viable solution for holders only for day traders.

What if I pay off half my CDP debt today and the other half in 1 year, do I pay excessive interest on the paid of debt for the year it did not exist?

If I have DAI in my CDP , how do I know the stability fee? How do I know how changes will impact my position?

There should be a table with the fee that you're paying each day in DAI/USD. That would start getting people to realize how much they're spending, rather just the total aggregate accrued fee in MKR.