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What does it mean "ALERT: Trying to call a function on a non-contract address." when I'm trying to generate DAI?

I made the same mistake a few weeks ago... Ended up trying the same DAI creation three times, but none would process. I look a half hour later, and ALL THREE processed, and put me at a ratio of 160%... Needless to say I put the two extra DAI creations back into the contract.

I can not deposit an affiliate in CDP portal for some reason. Deposit from the meta mask, every time an error occurs.Do you know the cause?

I have come across a situation where my dai db display is non-zero PETH 0 ETH, but my cdp db displays 0 PETH 0 ETH - I'm unsure if it's a syncing issue or a user issue. I'm not sure how to proceed from here. Any suggestions would be appreciated.